OneSide is a team of consultants who have set themselves the goal of accompanying any commercial or industrial or service sector company within the great ocean of ​​Information & Communication Technology.

We start from problems, needs and ideas to bring the customer to concrete solutions, supporting him in all the phases that are necessary to transform an idea into an operational management solution.

Thanks to the skills acquired by OneSide professionals in over thirty years of experience on the field, we are able to help the customer in problem analysis, in directional and sector brain storming, in the project evaluation process, in the design of the solution, in the procurement of products and suppliers, in the realization of the project up to the implementation and implementation on the field.

OneSide's philosophy is in its slogan: "Better ideas. Better people. Better world.": any realization that we make together with the customer has the purpose of improving the quality of life, making the daily work better - for example with a decrease in workloads or in reducing costs, or with an increase in safety and security - and opening a company to the future, through bringing it towards higher levels of quality and market challenges.

Ideas make people better, and together with them, the whole world. This is the belief that inspires our professional approach.

OneSide is all this. This is us, the technological partner to imagine and build the future with.